Lifeboat Ventures select Founder Institute Graduates to lead ADU Works

Half Moon Bay, California: Lifeboat Ventures is pleased to announce that two Founder Institute alumni have been selected to lead the recently launched startup, ADU Works, under the Lifeboat Ventures studio.


ADU Works, a startup focused on bridging the housing gap through Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s), is now led by former Containerworks founder Conrad Kimball as Chief Executive Officer. In addition to bringing a wealth of knowledge on ADU policies through his work with the City of Fresno, he is also responsible for building Fresno County’s first factory built HCD approved accessory dwelling unit.


“The Founder Institute program was a great learning experience with plenty of positive externalities; including the decision to join the Lifeboat Ventures family as the CEO of ADU Works. The Lifeboat Ventures model is a perfect environment to create a company with benefits to society and shareholders.”


Joining him at the helm is another Founder Institute graduate, Luzcenit Acosta Guio, who will serve as ADU Works’ Chief Operating Officer. Luzcenit Acosta is the founder of Arakue, a sustainable construction company that delivers sustainable and comprehensive social housing solutions. She has 8+ years of experience leading residential, industrial and infrastructure construction projects.


“Being an Entrepreneur is very challenging, but the Founder Institute Program guides you to be committed and persistent to be successful. Joining the Lifeboat Ventures team has been an unique opportunity to ensure the achievement of the startup’s goals and vision, helping to solve the current housing crisis”, says Luzcenit Acosta-Guio.


“Lifeboat Ventures has selected two Founder Institute graduates to lead this startup, in keeping with its model of relying on data to make decisions. Founder Institute graduates have already proven themselves to be adept founders by weathering this very tough program”, according to Gopi Mattel, GP of Lifeboat Ventures.


Conrad Kimball and Luzcenit Acosta-Guio’s combined experience in construction and ADUs, coupled with the drive and commitment to deliver cost-effective, sustainable housing solutions, are leading ADU Works towards a successful future of innovation..


About Lifeboat: Lifeboat Ventures is a $12M Startup Studio that is creating disaster impact mitigation startups. Startups that reduce the impact of continuous disasters such as storms, floods, fire, and pandemics, have compelling demand in society. The objective is to market-validate inevitable solutions, recruit qualified entrepreneurs, and take them to exit. ​ ​
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About ADU Works: ADU works are pioneers in the pre-finished modular ADU space – helping homeowners create new attractive dwellings on their property in less time and cost. The focus is using innovative design, technology, and eco-friendly materials with budget-friendly costs.
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