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AirRefinery provides powerful air-disinfecting and monitoring solutions to ensure safer spaces and increase business continuity


COVID-19 related shutdowns as well as the reluctance of people to go to retail locations, is damaging a lot of businesses. Even though vaccination is proceeding, cases are on the rise too. Many scientists believe that the Coronavirus, in one form or another, will be staying around for the foreseeable future. Multiple variants are now circulating in the world, similar to the flu. This is not the only virus that we suffer from today, and there is the potential for another new epidemic. The problem is much broader because air-borne pathogens, including the flu, are a key cause of infectious illnesses each year. In addition, mold and bacteria affect health outcomes. Many government entities are recommending additional measures to improve ventilation and air filtration. County of Santa Clara is suggesting the installation of

appropriately designed and deployed ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to deactivate airborne virus particles. Government entities have started passing laws to enforce air quality as well.

A Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling (HVAC) component utilizing a safe-to-humans variation of ultraviolet rays (UVC) to disinfect circulating air. The device will sense and clear the air of pathogens from the continuous airflow. The air quality and other sensor data will be presented back in the facility itself to reassure the customers. Plus, sensor data will be processed and sent out as alerts as necessary. The facility will become safer for customers and employees by eliminating super-spreader events. Businesses such as restaurants and retail stores can increase customers by reassuring them
of the disinfected air in the facility.

Here is the schematic of the unit in development.

Market Size
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The problem is global but even in the USA, the market is very large. More than 100,000 restaurants have closed in the USA but the number of businesses affected is in the millions. Restaurants and smaller retail entities are most at risk initially. But there is a large market for larger entities such as schools, office buildings, malls, stadiums, and hospitals.


Vince Corning

Chief Executive Officer
Vince Corning is a serial entrepreneur and brings over 30 years of experience building teams and driving innovative products and services to market.
He played a key role in taking Picazo Communications from concept, growing the company through three acquisitions, and selling the company to Intel Corporation within three years for $110 million. After the acquisition, Corning was promoted to the role of Director of Strategic Marketing where he represented his business unit in the co-management of a $250 million-dollar Intel Capital investment fund. CEO & Founder of MyLinuxSupport, Inc, Founder of RogueScience.Me and CTO of Nusantao, Inc

Robert Marcus

Chief Technical Officer
science wizard with over 30 years of experience in engineering, chemistry, and building chemical products in various chemical companies.
Robert has led many roles including President of InterMountain Glycols and Plant Manager of Huish Detergents, which is now part of Henkel North American Consumer Goods. Certified HazMat Tech and volunteer firefighter for over 25 years and still active in fighting fire whenever needed. Retired from job and working passionately in building the best air disinfection solution. Enthusiastic about space and research. Also exploring the area of fire protection solutions.

Annette Newberg

Chief Operating Officer
Annette has more than 25 years of professional experience in supply chain and program management.
Currently Program Manager, Reverse Logistics Business Operations at Google (supplied by CommScope). In the past, She was Corporate Programs Manager (Channel & Distribution) at Intel, VP Benefits Operations at Zain Jeewanjee Insurance Agency, Director of Marketing – Knight Partnerz and Sales Administration Manager at Picazo Communications.
Advisory Board

Michael Fox

CEO, Corporate Whisperer Corporate Venture Thought-leader MIT Venture Mentor

Herbert Dwyer

CEO, Empeq

Paul d’souza

Author and Startup mentor at Founder Institute and Loyal VC firm
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