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ADU.Works Co-Founders

  • ADU Works
  • USA

Description Sales, Architect, Construction, Financing, Operations, Government Relations

Lifeboat Ventures ( is a Venture Studio model fund, which identifies problems and solutions in the Disaster Impact mitigation space and launches startups with a qualified team, to create success. The designated startup (www.ADU.Works) supplies pre-designed, pre-approved, and assembled onsite accessory dwelling units (ADU or 2nd units), helping communities, renters and homeowners add new affordable housing. Our streamlined, innovative system of design, financing, approval, construction, and property management results in low cost, high quality housing with minimal impact to the community and substantial benefit to homeowners and those needing housing. We use proprietary technology, strong partnerships, innovative design, to cut the time from ADU inception to completion to just 2 months and costs to about $75,000. 50K in seed funding, enterprise-grade software technology, and a set of service partners to allow the startup to hit the ground running. We are looking for up to 3 co-founders with a mix of the following skills, sales, architecture, construction, financing, operations, government policy. The candidates would have graduated from the Founder Institute program. The candidates would reside, ideally in California, but other locations within USA will also be considered.

19 August 2021

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