Global Warming: A Hot Topic for Venture Capitalists and Startups
In the world of venture capital and startup innovation, certain topics rise to prominence due to their urgency and potential
The New Normal: Preparing for Constant Disasters in the 21st Century
In the 21st century, the world is facing a new normal, one that is defined by constant disasters. From wildfires
Investing in Resilience: How Venture Capital Can Drive Disaster Mitigation
In a world where the frequency and severity of natural disasters seem to be on the rise, there's a growing
Untitled By 0fjd125gk87 from Pixabay
California experiences subdued wildfire season    The 2022 California wildfire season was relatively subdued following years of record-breaking fires. The
Hurricane Ian Devastation
Super Hurricane Ian leaves more than 100 dead   Florida is no stranger to hurricanes, yet why was Ian so
Fukushima shakes again – Disasters are inevitable
A major 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck the northern Japanese coast, shortly before midnight on Wednesday. At least four people died, 161
The Sinking Planet
Sea-level rise is one of the most devastating results of human-caused climate change today; rising temperatures are thawing decades of
Ice under permafrost soil
As global temperatures steadily climb, the Earth is fast becoming a sinking planet. In the Arctic, rising temperatures are causing
For many who live in the colder regions of the world, winter is marked by freshly snow-covered landscapes as far
Fire Detection
The wildfires of today are intensifying. The North American wildfire season is extending beyond its typical season. This year alone,
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