Lifeboat Ventures launches ADU Works, a startup focusing on bridging the housing gap through ADUs

Half Moon Bay, California: Lifeboat Ventures today announced that its venture studio has launched ADU Works, a startup developing a one-stop web solution to manage the entire Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) building process from securing permits through final inspection. ADU Works offers all homeowners the opportunity to earn rental income, add extra space for loved ones, and increase property value by adding ADUs.


“Joining the Lifeboat Ventures team is the opportunity of a lifetime to accelerate the country’s adoption of efficient construction technology. Homeowners nowadays want budget-friendly, streamlined ADU’s built by licensed and experienced contractors. I am beyond excited to start serving homeowners here in the Bay Area.”” says Conrad Kimball, Chief Executive Officer at ADU Works.


“As a Civil Engineer, improving construction processes is a daily task that requires innovation, technology and sustainability. With the Lifeboat Ventures team we can accomplish this, offering housing solutions for a crisis that has grown in the past years. This is a great opportunity to help homeowners in the Bay Area to have resilient ADUs in their properties and house those looking for affordable options” says Luzcenit Acosta-Guio, Chief Operating Officer at ADU Works.


“The United States, and particularly its urban areas, have been gripped by a housing crisis for decades. Plus, the recent disasters have made renters and homeowners’ lives very fragile. We are excited that ADU.Works is trying to create resilience for those customer segments,” says Gopi Mattel, CEO of Lifeboat Ventures.


The startup company envisions numerous benefits for homeowners and renters in major cities facing a housing crisis. In California alone, 3.5 million housing units are needed to close the housing gap. ADU Works addresses this problem by streamlining the process of designing and building accessory dwelling units. Through their web platform, homeowners can quickly identify if an ADU is feasible, customize their ADU, and oversee the construction process. They also offer pre-approved plans to shorten the approval process for ADUs from months to weeks. ADU Works’ licensed and experienced contractors will build the ADU to and complete it in as little as 3 months.


About Lifeboat Ventures: Lifeboat Ventures is a $12M Startup Studio that is creating disaster impact mitigation technology startups. Startups that reduce the impact of continuous disasters such as storms, floods, fire, and pandemics, have compelling demand in society. The objective is to market-validate inevitable solutions, recruit qualified entrepreneurs, and take them to exit. ​ ​
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About ADU Works: ADU works are pioneers in the pre-finished modular ADU space – helping homeowners create new attractive dwellings on their property in less time and cost. ADU Works is a startup geared towards helping homeowners transform underutilized backyards, or other spaces into accessory dwelling units. The focus is using innovative design on creating quality designs, technology, and eco-friendly materials properly managed ADU projects, with and budget-friendly costs.
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