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Venture Studio for disaster Impact mitigation startups

Startups that reduce the impact of continuous disasters such as storms, floods, fire and pandemics can have compelling demand in society. Our objective is to validate software-enabled ideas using our expertise, recruit knowledgeable entrepreneurs and take them from idea to exit.We provide consistent, countercyclical returns by using the Startup Studio model and reducing risk in every step of the Startup process.
Here is one startup mitigating the Covid-19 impact on business
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Lifeboat Ventures announces 1st closing

Press Release / 20 April 2021
Half Moon Bay, California: Lifeboat Ventures today announced its 1st closing of capital commitment in the amount $1.2 Million Dollars. Lifeboat Ventures, was part of the first cohort of venture funds launched as part of the Founder Institute, the world’s largest accelerator’s, VC Lab program. FI VC Lab has seen a need for early-stage venture funds for startups that can impact the world beneficially and has completed multiple cohorts of VC funds

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