In the last 20 years, we have had three global emergencies- 9/11 – related wars, 2008 financial crisis, and COVID-19 Pandemic. Plus local disasters every year. Climate change has taken its toll on our planet and whether we believe it or not, our everyday life is getting impacted with these ever increasing disasters.
2020 has been a eye opener when world just stopped, Millions of people lost their loved ones to Covid-19 and businesses went in closure for months. Disasters are not just one in a decade event, they are now regular part of life. Whether you live in silicon valley, california or in deep amazon forest or in Australia, you have witnessed the wild fires that have broke all records, destroyed so many homes and created Havoc on the natural habitats.

In the wake of these constant disasters, we created Lifeboat Ventures fund that focuses on startups reducing the impact of these constant disaster and add value to our society.

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