In the new decade, venture capitalists and other investors play a key role in our collective success. After decades of harm, our planet needs regeneration. The innovators who will help to reverse the damage and create positive outcomes will rely on the financial support of a new class of investors.

This new class of investors will abide by a higher standard of values, setting them apart from those practicing the old ways. The Mensarius Oath, meaning “Financier” Oath from Latin, is an outline of values based on the original Hippocratic Oath for doctors.

Investors are the doctors for our unhealthy paths, prescribing innovations to solve our varied problems. What are your views on a modern value set for investors? Please add any comments below.

The Mensarius Oath

As a financial professional that invests in enterprises using personal or investor capital, I hereby pledge to honor these values. If it is determined by myself or a panel of my peers that I have violated these values without reconciliation agreed between all involved parties, then I will voluntarily leave the industry for the rest of my career.

  • In my profession of finance, I endeavor to help create positive outcomes for all of humanity.
  • With my dealings, I create positive outcomes financially and otherwise for all of those involved, including the conscious avoidance of harm to any parties.
  • Being in the industry, I will help others to achieve the highest standards that I set for myself and my organization.
  • As a steward of the trade, I work against any abuse of power that leads to unfair advantage, seduction, corruption or mistreatment.
  • As a person who can affect the outcome, I commit to reducing inequality and increasing fairness in society
  • In honor of the community, I pledge to treat all that approach me with fairness, equality and the attention that each opportunity deserves.
  • As a professional, I am open and honest in all of my dealings with those that I serve, including Investors and Founders.
  • As part of my work, I keep all matters that are understood to be private with all available protections to keep safe from public or other unwanted disclosure.
  • To continuously improve, I solicit and respect feedback from those that I serve and from my wider industry professionals.
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