In 2015, United Nations formed 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By 2030, the UN, working alongside companies, startups, NGOs, governments, and other organizations, seek to join forces to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges. Lifeboat Ventures is also actively pursuing in doing our share to contribute towards these goals.

We use impact as a key business metrics. Our Impact Metrics are primarily based on iKPIs defined and used by Founder Institute. The goal will be to create a convertible equivalent for all measures in Maslow Hierarchy. We sign-on to support actionable metrics that guide entrepreneurs of all kinds on their quests to create Impact Companies that address UN SDGs, and create companies that include:

  1. The mission to align with one or more UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  2. The offering directly influences a measurement of impact, an Impact Key Performance Indicator (iKPI).
  3. iKPIs publicly displayed and updated on their website on quarterly or yearly basis

Air Refinery is focused on contributing towards the good health and well-being of all. Covid-19 closed the whole world in 2020 and showed us that our interconnected world is at a greater risk of devastations because of pandemics. Flu, COVID-19 and many other viruses have been treated as largely spread by contact, with the exception of being in close quarters exposure. But we very recently found that it was wrong. We had our understanding wrong as to the size of viral particles that made the pathogen airborne. We now know that these viruses stay airborne for hours. On average, 50,000 people die in the USA alone, every year, due to the flu. Almost 600,000 around the world, per year. Nursing homes are a risky area for the flu to get out since elders are more vulnerable. We have seen COVID-19 devastate seniors in those centers in very high numbers. Influenza is a serious global health threat that impacts all countries: every year, there are an estimated 1 billion cases, 3-5 million severe cases, and 290 000-650 000 influenza-related respiratory deaths worldwide. AirRefinery is building a unique solution to monitor and clear the indoor air of viruses and pathogens. Air Refinery is on the mission to allowing brick and mortar businesses to put people back to work and fill their spaces with customers again by disinfecting air using ultraviolet rays and sensors integrated into existing HVAC systems.

ADU.Works is focused on developing sustainable cities and communities.

Housing needs have risen significantly over the past 10 years. Major cities are crumbling with a rise in population and not enough affordable housing projects. As a result, the cost of housing remains out of reach for many, and the gap between the state’s existing housing stock and what is needed to satisfy demand is rising. On one side, young people cannot afford the rising rent and on the other side; older homeowners have large properties without financial resources and suboptimal credit. This calls for a broad, innovative strategy to close the supply gap.

ADU.Works is building an All–in-one scalable platform that covers financing, building, managing and renting an accessory dwelling unit on the property. A unique pre-fab design and implementation model reduces costs by half. The solution will help homeowners generate revenue while renters will have 2b/1b modern rental home at 80% of market price without the worry of a security deposit. Our alternative financing model provides high net-worth individuals the opportunity to generate market rate returns secured by the property and opportunity to mitigate the housing crisis.

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