Why should we care about disasters?

This question should not need to be asked. Just the fact that lives are lost due to disasters, makes it a moral imperative to act. The question to always ask is ‘If my child, sibling, parent could get killed in that disaster, would I do anything?

That is not all of course. Many survivors are maimed for life. Orphans may end up desolate without their parents. People that come out of school or college during a disaster may see the impact of that disaster in their entire career. Jobs are lost, as we see right now, and families slide down the slope to poverty. Many are directly thrown into poverty and lead miserable lives.

Sometimes, disasters create unrest and political upheaval. In some countries violent warlords take control and fight for power and kill more. In other countries power-hungry political groups, religious groups or military us the disaster to take over power that does not have people’s representation at its base.

The question is not: why should we act now. The question should be: why are we not acting right now.

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