Does disaster mitigation really help?

When a house burns down, once you check everyone is safe, the next most important question is whether the homeowners have fire insurance.   Insurance is a form of disaster mitigation. It protects families and businesses from various types of harm as the result of disasters. We cannot imagine modern society without this type of disaster mitigation.

Businesses of any significant size are now required to have disaster mitigation and disaster recovery plans. There is a whole industry dedicated to supporting business continuity for other businesses.  Everything from backups to alternate office space can be planned upfront. 

Annual vaccinations against the flu is another form of disaster mitigation. More lives would be lost and our healthcare system would be overwhelmed if the flu vaccine wasn’t available by winter.

So, disaster mitigation does help. But it is spotty. People and businesses are still gravely damaged when even known disasters strike.  And there is a lot of room for disaster mitigation companies to start solving the gaps in disaster mitigation.

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