Annual fires are the new ritual of life
Fires are a pervasive feature of the living world – a natural phenomenon ignited from oxygen, the very air we
Why can’t our young people afford housing where they grew up in the USA
Urban areas in the United States have been suffering from a housing gap for decades now. Homeownership is out of
Housing is a basic need for humans. According to Maslow’s pyramid of needs, shelter is one of the core security needs for
“Success is most often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.”    Starting a business is far
On average, 50,000 people die in the USA alone, every year, due to the flu. Almost 600,000 around the world,
It is an annual event. Winter comes and if you have kids your household most likely has the sniffles. It
This question should not need to be asked. World faces numerous natural disasters and calamities every year. We have always
In the recent past, businesses have struggled with the idea of allowing their staff to work from home. Various options
50 percent of infected older people died from the original SARS virus in 2003 and the general fatality rate was
A 17,000 feet tall column of flame, rotating at the speed of 143 MPH, towered over Redding, California in 2018.
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